Pricing plans.

We have one pricing plan for all clients. You are guaranteed the lowest rate.
Our service is 100% no obligation
We have no contract
No termination fee
No reason that you couldn’t walk away if you were unhappy.
No hidden fees
No equipment leases
No account closure fee
No PCI or EMV compliance fees

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Number of users
Total transactions
Dedicated support
Executive support
Access to Capital
Hidden Fees
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Termination Fee
Typical Processor
Number of users
1 user
Total credit limit
Capped or Variable
Mobile and Desktop app
Dated + Lease or Buy
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Investment accounts
Invest in stocks
$Low Rate/mo
Executive plan
Number of users
Number of users
$Unlimited USD
Mobile and Desktop app
Dedicated support
Executive support
Investment accounts
No Contract
Invest in stocks
No Hidden Fees
Invest in ETFs
No Compliance Fees
Invest in cryptos
No Fees

Frequently asked questions.

Here's a few questions that seem to pop up for us.

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What banks are you currently partnered with?

We are self banked currently, we do partner with all major credit card and known proven terminals, POS, and software infrastructures.

What are your current security standards?

We only partner with the industry best soup-to-nuts, whether equipment, software, as well as preventative and adaptive security screens.

Can I speak with an account executive?

100%. We'd love to talk about the best ways we can support your business growth, by saving you money and improving your customers experience.

Is the services internationally available?

Not yet. But we'll get there soon!