About us.

Kelly Merchant Solutions is a transaction processing company based in sunny Los Angeles , CA. We are committed to utilizing the latest technology to ensure our clients receive the best rates and state-of-the-art equipment so that our clients can provide their customers with best-in-class experiences.  

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We provide credit card processing and point of sale systems for all business types. Get a payment processing account customized for point of sale systems, credit card terminals, mobile payments, e-commerce credit card processing, and more. We will significantly lower your merchant services fees while substantially improving the customer service you receive. Choose a credit card processing type below or contact us and a merchant services payment specialist will reach out to get a better understanding of your business needs.

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Our results in numbers.



Returning and referring clients is the best compliment we can receive.  


Customer satisfaction

Our high and consistent customer satisfaction is based upon our seamless integration, advanced security, and our commitment to our clients' business growth.  


Money managed

We help our clients process billions of dollars in transactions. Utilizing the best and most seamless technology hardware and software available.

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We thrive on innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to provide solutions that shape the future of commerce.

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Our unwavering commitment to excellence fuels our dedication to serving you better every day. The best. or Nothing.

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We embrace openness as the foundation of trust, fostering a culture of honesty, collaboration, and commitment to learning.  

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With boundless passion, we pursue our mission to deliver exceptional entrepreneurial experiences that ignite your enthusiasm.

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Transparency is our guiding principle, ensuring clarity, trust, and accountability in all our interactions with clients and team members.

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We are committed to your growth, supporting your journey towards success and continuous improvement. Nothing happens in the world until someone sells something!

Our values

We run our business like you run yours. But our success is based upon our commitment to company values.

Contact us
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Los Angeles, CA.

Join the team based on LA. Support businesses with the next evolution of commerce.

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Our partners.

All our POS systems integrate and accept major credit card brands and mobile payment solutions

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