Payments Made Simple.

Process payments the way your customers prefer!

We’ll meet or beat your current rate or competitive offer – or you'll get $500

Get the lowest rate today! 

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Saving Business Owners Millions in Fees

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Simple state of the art terminals and systems to optimize your business process. 

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On-the-go solutions to accept payments from anywhere at anytime

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Integrations, gateways, and online processing made simple.

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Our services are designed to grow businesses of all sizes.

For small business

Small businesses often operate on tight budgets. Our low-rate processing ensures that you don't overspend on payment fees, leaving you with more financial flexibility.

For startups

High payment processing fees eats cash. With our low-rate solution, you'll keep more of your hard-earned money, allowing you to invest it back into your growth.

For enterprise

Rest easy knowing that our payment processing solution is equipped with top-notch security measures and compliance standards to protect your business and customer data.

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Experience The Next Gen Banking - Bnker X Webflow Template

Open your account today and experience the next-gen processing.

We’ll give you $500 if we can’t beat your current payment processing rates.

Frequently asked questions.

How do you achieve such competitive rates?

We utilize the most up-to-date software systems and infrastructure to be able to provide the lowest rates in the industry. Coincidentally this allows us to focus on providing executive customer service to our clients.

Can I speak with an account executive?

100%. We'd love to talk with you. And we prefer to get right to the point. We'll be able to tell you if we can save you money by analyzing one month of your current statement. We typically save our clients thousands of dollars in the first few months.  

How can I open a business account?

When you realize how much your paying your current processor - we'll get you set-up and seamlessly integrated. Need to POS or Mobile Terminals?  It's all fee free! 

What are your current security standards?

Security is our number one priority. We use best tech and software solutions available, only partner with secure national credit card companies - removing and insuring against fraudulent activity. We are alos engaged in preventive & adaptive security protocols.  

Is the services internationally available?

No, not quite yet. But we are building toward this with our domestic partners that have transaction occuring overseas.

How can I call the support team?

Support is available 24/7. Transactions should never stop as our customer support and engineering teams are available to ensure your customer experience is clean and easy.

We’ll meet or beat your current rate or competitive offer – or you get $500

We are so committed to our ability to provide you with the best transactions rates and that if we cannot meet or beat your existing rate we'll happily give you $500!

Experience The Next Gen Banking - Bnker X Webflow Template
Experience The Next Gen Banking - Bnker X Webflow Template
We Go the Extra Mile - Bnker X Webflow Template
We Go the Extra Mile- Bnker X Webflow Template

At KMS we go the extra mile to assist you.

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